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Johannes Galli

Intercultural Communication and Body Language

Get an insight to the body language of different cultures

More and more business and economic, political, and cultural institutions, now networked worldwide, find themselves forced to devote more time and energy to intercultural processes than they had originally planned.
Many had thought that as soon as they were networked, everything else would follow automatically. They were wrong. Prejudices held against foreign cultures don’t automatically disappear nor do they vanish over a long period of time. On the contrary, many business people find themselves confirming their prejudices, thereby widening the divisions. Learning a foreign language is beneficial but, if the prevention of misunderstandings is not conscientiously worked on by becoming aware of body language, there will always be a danger that misunderstandings will continue. This will result in negative and expensive consequences.

In Intercultural Communication and Body Language and through Galli training courses, instruction is given for overcoming old structures, experiencing new frontiers, and activating unimagined resources of creativity. The book and the courses aim to reach flexibility, high motivation, clear vision, persuasive body language, dynamic speech, optimal presentation, and effective communication.

1. Preface
2. Introduction
3. The Need for Intercultural Communication
4. The Galli Method®: A Short Introduction
5. Intercultural Communication and Body Language: Chinese-German-American and American-German-Chinese
6. Experience in China, 1998
7. Johannes Galli – The Author
8. The Galli Publishing House


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