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Johannes Galli

Life goes on

Das Präventionstheaterstück „Leben geht weiter“ in englischer Sprache

Benny wakes up from a nightmare. In his dream people called him an incompetent loser who will never be loved. As Benny is hiding deep under his covers, he witnesses his parents arguing and blaming each other for their mistakes. Shortly after, his father bursts into his room and threatens to beat him if he ever found out Benny is taking drugs. Due to an alarming call from his teacher, Benny’s mother is also extremely worried about her son’s troubles and loneliness at school. In the following, the day gets even worse: Benny has lost the key for his bike, misses the bus and has to walk to school where an angry teacher is expecting him. Having caused much trouble at school already, Benny is suspended. Even his girlfriend Annette considers him as too weak. That is why she breaks up with him and starts dating another guy: Charlie, a muscled and strong bully. In sheer desperation, he tries to reach his friends but nobody is there for him. As Benny is searching for something to cheer him up, he meets a local drug dealer. He suddenly spends all of his money on drugs. But soon after, Benny is not able to pay his debts anymore, so he is beaten up. In this devastated and hopeless condition, two clowns eventually enter the scene. They are mirroring Benny’s self-pity until he wakes up and asks them for help. Finally Benny realizes: Life goes on.

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